Alfa Klima was established in 1993. We provide heating, cooling and air conditioner projects, and commitments since 1993. Also we signed many successful projects. Quality and continuous of the quality is our principle.

Our Responsibilities;
Factories, Hotels, Plazas, Hospitals, Shopping centers, Fitness Center, Laboratories, Movie Theaters, Conference halls, Banks, Residences, Villas and etc;

HVAC installation, Fan-coil system, Air Duct system, Sanitary installation, Fire-extinguishing installation, Automatic Control installation, Heating installation, Cooling installation, Ventilation systems, Hospital installation, Humidity control, Water Refining installation, Different Product drying, Cold storage, Complete Mechanic installation, Special Processes and including these installations, Pipe and air duct installations;

Project, consultant, commitment, selling, service, and maintenance made by us. Some of our Mechanical installation reference list is here. We would be glad to see you here in our reference list.