A central air conditioning system. Conditioned by the air handling unit The air is blown into the spaces required with . Supply air is collected again in some systems , mixed in certain proportions with the return air or 100% fresh air is available .

By air ducts for the intended galvanized, aluminum , stainless steel , textile material ( fabric channel) with rounded , oval or rectangular cross section are manufactured . The air ducts of different types of paint are applied where necessary .
Air ducts inside or outside the air conditioning system , heat and sound insulation purposes are isolated by various materials . The purpose of the blood and in isolated heat loss is to prevent perspiration . Where there is concern acoustic input and output devices used in the silencer .

In air handling units within the hood, exhaust , filter, mix , heating , cooling , humidification and fans cells they contain .
Air handling units are usually manufactured with galvanized metal . There are various kinds inside the skeletal system . Double-layer polyurethane body hair from Air handling charge. With suitable sealing gaskets are provided in the cover .

Heating and cooling coil of copper tube and aluminum fin fins. Filters are chosen in the different sensitivity according to the use . Operating theaters, clean rooms , etc. . When using sanitary -type air handling sensitive environments , blowing up a 99.9999 % accuracy at the point in the hepa filter can be used.

In air handling , heating, cooling , humidification, filtration and fresh air rate used for various automation components . Automation elements may be used depending on where electric or pneumatic . Using frequency-controlled fan motors save energy , while providing optimum efficiency we can get.

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