Ventilation systems is a requirement to live comfortably. Split air conditioners we have to provide heating and cooling without air conditioning. But without oxygen indoors, inside the bad weather, with ventilation systems are locked out, comfort, understanding again was not provided.

Ventilation systems is not only a requirement of comfort . The importance of ventilation systems in the industry more is understood . In some places the name of the creation of a healthy environment , even if the heating and cooling ventilation systems ( ventilation system ) is necessary.

An extractor fan in the ventilation systems used to do. Ventilation systems are used in many different types of fans are . Galvanized ventilation ducts in ventilation systems, aluminum, stainless steel , textile material (fabric channel) with rounded , oval or rectangular cross section are manufactured. The air ducts in ventilation systems use different types of paint can be applied if necessary.

Kitchen ventilation , indoor parking, ventilation, smoke exhaust , shelter ventilation, industrial ventilation air conditioning system is one of the most widely used.

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